We conducted a detailed materiality assessment exercise to define the measures that matter most to our sustainability efforts.

We consulted our major corporate units and reviewed the topics that impacted their individual functions. We then categorised these material topics according to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures, and assessed their respective relevance or impact on the business, whether high, medium, or low. The resulting material topics were further validated with our senior management as well as with select external stakeholders to arrive at the final material topics.


Our core mission drives us to help improve the quality of life in the areas where we operate, through both our operations and our Social Performance activities. We also invest in high-level global events that aim to promote cleaner energy and social sustainability in our region.

  • By prioritising local employment and procurement we create shared prosperity, and growth in the areas where we operate.
  • Health and wellness are integral to our Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSS&E).
  • We support capacity building and promote career readiness skills across the MENA region.
  • We have consistently supported the transition to cleaner energy in the KRI since 2008.
  • We are committed to the economic growth and infrastructural development of the areas where we operate.
  • We are committed to inclusion of people of the determination* by championing them.
  • Our Social Performance function aims to raise the quality of life of local communities.
  • We partner with community organisations to enhance the impact of our Social Performance activities, and with local suppliers to support local talents and economies.

PETROPOLYMERS has grown and thrived through its people, who have always gone above and beyond the call of duty. We regard our employees as our greatest asset, from those leading teams to those ensuring the oil and gas facilities continues to work reliably, and those engaging with the community. Their loyalty to the company was on show throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when employees worked extended shifts for long periods and worked collaboratively to ensure uninterrupted operations. We invest in them to help them lead and grow as employees and as people.

  • Our internal engagement policies work to support employees’ emotional and physical well-being.
  • We promote lifelong learning among our employees and provide them with quality training opportunities for professional growth.
  • We prioritise women’s empowerment throughout the employee tenure.
  • We are committed to creating job opportunities for local talent in both the UAE and the KRI.

PETROPOLYMERS ensures that hazards inherent in its activities, ranging from production operations to drilling to major capital project construction to regular production operations, as well as infrastructure including IT, are subject to systematic identification, assessment, and control. This approach is fundamental to our safe operations. Information on the hazards, risks, and controls of operation is communicated to the workforce through inductions, training, written procedures, toolbox talks, awareness programmes, and regular safety meetings. This approach is applied to all activities under our control, including activities by third-party contractors.

  • Our elevated safety standards illustrate our commitment to employees’ health and safety.
  • We have consistently maintained a safe and decent work environment for our employees.

We work to minimise our environmental impact by promoting process efficiency in all of our operations. We also support organisations and events that promote cleaner energy and sustainability in the wider region.

In January 2020 we outlined a range of efforts to help reinforce our sustainability, including long-term reduction of operational flaring, implementing plans to eliminate single-use plastics from our locations, and reducing our use of water, electricity, and fuel.

  • We are committed to reducing our water footprint through recycling and reuse.
  • We promote responsible energy consumption across our operations.
  • We continuously seek to reduce flaring and recycling waste.
  • We are consistently working towards reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while ensuring zero significant oil spills.